Pharmacy management software application for a hospital environment

Our software, certified by the RITM organization and implemented in more than 100 healthcare establishments, allows management and quick entry of all prescriptions while detecting allergies and intolerances, duplications and interactions.

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GESPHARx8 logo on a touch screen, clicked by a pharmacist to access the pharmacy activity management application.

GESPHARx8 : A complete, integrated and professional solution

A pharmacist handing a prescription to a customer, illustrating the effectiveness of CGSI@SOLUTIONS-TI solutions in pharmacy management.
  • GESPHARx8 adapts to your professional environment and offers interface personalization (colors, layout, sorting, alert levels) for each user;
  • Bilingual software and database;
  • Optimal management of security and electronic signature: custom access rights by user or user group, logging of each session;
  • Print management tools allowing for automation of report production;
  • With the possibility of linking our software application to specialized databases, GESPHARx8 ensures easy management of basic data and logs any modification (date/time, user and previous data before modification);
  • GESPHARx8 is based on a graphic environment with a minimal number of windows, allowing keyboard shortcut usage to facilitate software navigation and new user training.

A complete management of pharmacological files

  • Includes all necessary options for an efficient management of files (internal and external);
  • Allows entry of allergies, intolerances, pathologies, remarks, medication history as well as height, weight and creatinine clearance history;
  • Display of complete active and archive pharmacological files allowing for consultation of current and previous episodes and its clinical files attached;
  • Ability to automatically receive laboratory results and store its history;
  • Risk and error management, drug utilization review and more.
Screenshot of GESPHARx8 showing the 'Hospitalized prescriptions' window for managing hospital prescriptions.
Screenshot of GESPHARx8 showing the 'Complete medication reconciliation' window for advanced prescription management.

Quick and simple prescription entry

  • Automatic allergies, intolerances, duplication and interaction detection;
  • Integration of a therapeutic advisor (Rx Vigilance);
  • Quick entry of prescription from protocols, allowing for fast and reliable prescription entries;
  • Custom pharmacological analytics and revision of files;
  • Integrated management of sterile/non sterile preparations (CSAS);
  • Display of utilization rules;
  • Possibility of linking together prescriptions for a quicker and safer management.

Inventory management module

  • Order management: order suggestions, billing orders, order reception;
  • Credit management: request and confirmation;
  • Loan management to establishments/departements/community pharmacies;
  • Expiration dates and batch numbers management;
  • Electronic transfert of orders to suppliers;
  • Electronic transfert of accounting data to accounting softwares;
  • Electronic update of purchasing mandates;
  • Numerous customizable reports;
  • Batching management;
  • Grouping codes and activity center management (MSSS Management Manual).
A pharmacist scanning a box of medication, demonstrating the use of CGSI@SOLUTIONS-TI solutions for pharmacy inventory management.