A hyperactive assistant

The creators of GESPHARx8 offers you a super assistant that will greatly simplify your daily tasks.

NUMERx2 is an archiving and queue management software of scanned documents and pictures. It allows to structure all tasks related to the reception of documents such as :

  • Prescription sheets
  • Ward stock drug requisitions
  • Narcotics requisitions
  • Photos of sterile preparations of drugs
  • Night cabinet drug requisitions
  • All other necessary documents.

Documents are displayed in a visual and convivial queue according to customizable filters, sorted by source, priority, status and type of document. With NUMERx2, your documents are accessible immediately and classified according to your needs. A perfect complement to GESPHARx8, each document can be associated to one or more information already contained in the pharmacy (a patient, a prescription, a ward stock drug, etc.).

  • Contains an annotation module
  • Can be linked to the optical character recognition (OCR) tool, allowing for intelligent reading and automated document association.
  • Also allows the validation of sterile preparations of drugs with digital images taken directly under sterile hoods.