An effective solution for the management of drugs in hospitals.

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The accessibility beyond technology.

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To archive documents in digital format and eliminate stacks of paper.

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In a context of rationalization, information systems should simplify the work of the staff of the pharmacy department. On the Canadian market for more than 25 years, CGSI@SOLUTIONS-TI INC. offers a proven solution which works with pharmacists from here, to develop the professional practice of tomorrow! Invest in your future!

Founded in 1984 by Christian Gagnon, the company has conceived and implanted software in various fields : Construction, fabrication, distribution, retail, billing and inventory management.

In 1990, the company merged with the team Microprog inc., founded in 1986 by Mario Fournier, who, since it’s inception, successfully implanted its pharmacy management software.

Since 1997, the company is engaged primarily in the health domain.

A new corporate signature for the beginning of the year 2008. Christian Gagnon Computer Services Inc. appears Now as the CGSI@SOLUTIONS-TI INC.

CGSI@SOLUTIONS-TI INC. has given itself for mission to offer software better suited to the needs and dynamism of it’s users. We offer a range of software that are high-performance, easy to use, with quick execution and functional on reliable operating systems. Through our competence in programmer-analysts specialized in software development, and our more than adequate after sales service, CGSI@SOLUTIONS-TI INC. is a partner that every customer can count on at all times.

Pharmacy management software for the hospital environment. More information..

Queue management and archiving software for scanned documents and photos. More information..

Web-based software complementary to GESPHARx8, allowing various caregivers to consult and interact, in real-time, to pharmacy data. More information..